Testimonials from Our Clients


I love spending time with Christine when my parents travel! When she arrives, I have a lot to tell her about my day and I tell her loudly! I am a senior cat, so I appreciate the time she spends getting to know how I am feeling that day and which kinds of food I like the best. Periodically, she fluffs and stirs my food so the juice is right on the top and I can get to it easily - the sauce is my favorite. I am also obsessed with water. WE fill my water bowls multiple times throughout our visits so its extremely fresh and appetizing to me. Christine sometimes even lets me "swim" in my bowl which I love to do. After we go through our dinner routine, she sits by my bed and scratches my face til I fall asleep. We are good buddies!


I can't wait for my walks with Christine! I can hear her car coming from blocks away! I run around barking to let my mom and all her neighbors know she is on the way! She takes me out 5 days a week. We usually walk by ourselves but sometimes she'll bring Buck or another friend along to socialize too! We have a great workout each day whick keeps me looking this fit and handsome at 10 years old!


Most of the time when Christine arrives for our walks, I am comfy and snugly in one of my nice soft beds. I require snuggles and one of my freeze dried turkey morsels to get me revved up to go. Once we get to the car I love looking out the window and letting my bangs blow in the breeze. We usually go pick up my friend Joe and then go to our friend Dakota's to do our workout. We socialize and sniff together then back to my comfy bed for me after I am chauffered home. I have lost weight and am a fitter pup since we've been walking!

Chinook & Gracie

We love Christine! When our parents travel we get visited at least twice a day for brushing, loving, and our favorite - leg snuggles! We also take field trips in our yard and look for lizards - really fun! A lot of time, our sitter stays overnight which gives us even more love and attention. We also get to sleep on top of her, which is really fun and keeps us warm and cozy. We would highly recommend their services!